Great-Grandmaster Chan On-Pak

Chan On Pak (1845-1901), was born in King Mui Village, the first son of Chan Heung, founder of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.  
He looked like and had the gentle nature of a scholar. His specialty was the "Left and Right Thirteen Lance Spear Form." Chan On Pak's handling and control of the spear was so advanced that he gained the nice nickname Yet Cheung Ng Mui Fa or "five plum blossoms with one lance."  
In 1894, two of Chan On Pak's students, Cheng Si Leung and Chan Siu Bak, helped the revolutionary forces of Dr. Sun Yat Sen fight against the Ching dynasty and lay the foundation of the Republic of China. Chan On Pak assisted his father Chan Heung to teach the system of Choy Li Fut in their village of King Mui. He helped his father to train and teach his younger brother Chan Koon Pak. Unfortunate Chan On Pak died young, most of his students eventually continuing learned from Chan Koon Pak. Our past master Chan Cheong Mo was a student of his father Chan Heung and taught by him as the school instructor.  Today, The Plum Blossom International Federation lineage is the only one that has Chan On Pak's teaching.