Chan Yuen-Woo

Chan Yuen Woo, native of King Mui village of San Woi (Xin Hui) district of Jiang Men city in Guangdong province was the distant uncle of Chan Heung, founder of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. He learned his Kung Fu from a monk named Duk Jeong who resided in the Hing Wan Monastery of Ding Woo Mountain of Guangdong province.

Chan Yuen Woo's Kung Fu is the Fut style of Chan Heung's Choy Li Fut Kung Fu system. The word Fut in Chinese means Buddha and refers to the Shaolin roots of the style because the original system came from Duk Jeong the Buddhist monk from the Southern Shaolin Temple .

Chan Yuen Woo's Buddhist open hands techniques are very famous. His striking techniques are: Fut-Sam-Jeung, Tsang-Jeung, Gong-Jeung, Dan-Lan, Seung-Twei-Jeung, Fung-Jeung, Yeung-Kiu, Ding-Jeung, Tuet-Jeung, Yum-Yeung-Jeung, Jit-Jeung, Dip-Jeung, Hop-Sup-Jeung, Dot-Jeung, Kwa-Pak-Jeung, Peet-Jeung and many others. Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's Plum Blossom Federation is still teaching Chan Yuen Woo's famous form the "Buddha Palm" hand form.

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Hing Wan Monastery