In Memoriam Sifu Jane Hallander

Sifu Jane Hallander passed away on February 12, 2002 at age 57. She died of cancer on New Year's Day of the Year of the Horse, in the morning, at her house in Novato, California.

Jane Hallander was born on March 11, 1944. She was known for her mastery of Tai Chi Chuan, and her many articles for Martial Art's Publications. She studied Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Yang style Tai Chi and Chi Kung with Doc-Fai Wong since 1979. In 1980, she continued her Chi Kung and I Chuan practice with Professor Peng Si Yu and Mrs. Yu. In 1987 she opened her own Tai Chi school in Marin County called The Marin Tai Chi Center which will continue to operate.

In 1987, she won 3rd place in International Push Hand competition in Taiwan and 2nd place in 1990. She was a co-author with Doc-Fai Wong of three books, Shaolin Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan's Internal Secrets, Shaolin Five Animal Form and several others. She was the "Writer of the Year" at Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

She was the co-sponsor of the first Tai Chi Tournament with Doc-Fai Wong in the West Coast in 1988-1990.

Jane loved animals and had a special gift for communicating with them. She was a very successful and well known Animal Communicator & Avian Behavior Specialist She published three I-Chuan Chi Kung video tapes and one animal communication video tape with ALC Productions . She often helped people who had difficulties with their pets by communicating with the animals and telling the owners why their pet was unhappy.

Sifu Hallander lived a full life and left this world feeling she had helped make it a better place. All of us at the Plum Blossom Federation will miss her.