A Mugger's Worst Nightmare!

Sifu Jason J. Wong
中 文 按 此

On November 8, 2004, a mugger's worst nightmare happened, attempting to rob someone who is an expert in martial arts and then getting beaten up in the end. On that day, two unfortunate muggers met their match and paid dearly for their mistake. My father, Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong was called for jury duty on that cold, rainy Monday morning. His call time was 8:30 AM in the courtroom 007 in the San Francisco Civic Center. He arrived at the parking garage a little late, at 8:30 AM, and parked his car three blocks away from the courthouse in the Appointed Low Rates City Garage. The garage was very full so he was forced to park his car at the top level of the lot.

Unfortunately, this was not the best part of town and there were plenty of homeless people around that area. Normally he doesn't pay much attention to them, but this time because there were so many of them, he was being more alert.

The elevator was broken so he walked down the stairwell to the ground floor. As he walked out of the exit, two homeless guys were outside the doorway. One guy asked him for some spare change which he ignored and continued walking. All of a sudden, he felt his handbag being snatched from behind. Luckily the strap of the bag was wrapped around his hand quite well. When he felt his bag being pulled, another assailant grabbed him from behind with a bear hug. He instinctively reacted with lightning quick speed and threw a bone shattering side kick to the hip of the guy who was snatching his bag and head butted backwards to the attacker bear hugging him from behind. His powerful, explosive kick knocked the assailant down and he escaped from the rear bear hug and threw a snapping, paralyzing right kwa-chui back fist to the back of the attacker’s neck. The attacker from behind dropped instantly to the floor.

Grandmaster Wong looked around and nobody was there except for the two attacker’s lifeless bodies lying on the ground in agonizing pain. He was late for his jury appointment because he still had to walk three more blocks to the courthouse. When he passed the main entrance of the garage, he told the clerk who worked there about what just happened to him.

In the end, Grandmaster’s impressive Choy Li Fut skills protected him safely from the attempted robbery, and luckily, he was also dismissed by the judge from jury duty.


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