Doc-Fai Wong on Billboards

Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong was on the street billboards which were posted all over the city of Jiangmen (Kong Moon city of China), the
hometown of choy li fut kung fu. The billboards were for promoting the tourist festival in Jiangmen city on November 26, 2005.  Wong and his students went there for the choy li fut kung fu exhibition and to celebrate the grand opening on Saturday, November 26, 2005 for this
special city event.  Since choy li fut kung fu is the city culture, the choy li fut kung fu association of Jiangmen believed that he is the highest representative outside of China, therefore he selected  to be the subject on the billboards.  Wong was the high light of the event. During the kung fu exhibition, he performed the choy li fut kung fu's most advanced kung fu weapon set, the golden dragon iron fan and he tore a 1 1/2 inches thick local telephone book as part of the exhibition.

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