Feng Shui Your Martial Art School

Column by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong
March 2006 Issue

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In order to do a proper feng shui reading for your school, you must have a compass and stand in the absolute center of your school to determine the directions. From the years of 2004 to 2024, make sure your northeast direction both inside and outside of your school do not contend with liquid or water. For example, there should be no drinking water dispenser, no toilet, no aquarium, or lavatory inside of your school at this location. For outside of your school, make sure that there is no water fountain, swimming pool, lake, river or ocean in the northeast direction that you can see the water. If there is water, you might have a tough time holding on to your money. The feng shui master believes your money will go out faster than it comes in if this is the case. You also have to watch out for the colors that represent water. Even though the direction has no water the location could be painted with blue, gray or black, this is not desirable because those colors are like water. A painting with water is also not good to put there. For the opposite direction, it is good to have water in the southwest. You can put a nice looking water fountain or a fish tank in this corner or spot. A painting with water, aquatic objects such as plastic or crystal fish, dolphins, seals are fine to put at the southwest side. This means inside or outside is good to have water. No plants or wooden equipment or wooden weapons in these two directions, please.

The northwest direction is a good place to have your office and make sure you are the one using it, because this position is the boss's position. If you put an instructor's lounge in the northwest direction, your staff might not obey or listen to you. The worst thing is to have a toilet, fireplace, hotplate, heater, painted red object or any fire colors in the northwest. The result is the power position will be destroyed. Where is the good place to put the toilet? Southwest and west are the best for it. The best colors for northwest are white and yellow. The second best location for your office is the northeast. Do not put your office on the west or southwest location. These are the weakest or the worst areas for your power but it is fine to put a storage room there for things that are hardly used. If your main entrance or any doors of your school are on the northeast or northwest area, please don't put shoes or a trash can there, because this area is either good for wealth or for the power of your school.

The mirrors are good to put on the northeast, southeast walls except if the wall is facing a door or window. Mirrors reflect the energy or chi out away from your school. This goes for the displaying of paper fans, electrical fans, and air-conditioning blowers on the wall opposite the doorways or the windows because this is said to blow the chi away from your school. The past masters' altar or General Kwan's statue is good to put facing the doorway or the windows. For the punching and kicking bags, wooden dummies and all your metal weapons, the best spot is the west side of your school.

You need a real feng shui master to check out your school with the professional feng shui compass to do a really good feng shui reading. The colors for the walls, ceiling and the floor of your school are dependent upon your birth year and the direction of your school's building. Each person's colors and directions will be different for the best possible energy in his school. The success of your business is mainly dependent upon your martial arts training and knowledge. The most important part of your success is your school management skill and the quality of your teaching. Feng shui can only help for approximately 20% if you run the school properly.


Doc-Fai Wong writes a bi-monthly column for Inside Kung-Fu.

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