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    Doc-Fai Wong

    NEW! training For Life
    in 3 Volumes
    Articles by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong

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    Advanced Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan
    Teachings of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong


    • Imitation vs. Real Tai Chi
    • Form and Principles
    • Exploding Myths About Tai Chi Chuan
    • Secrets of Push Hands Practice
    • Guidelines for training, Chi-Kung & Self-Defense
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    Tai Chi Chuan's Internal Secrets

    • Brief history of Tai Chi Chuan
    • Description of the chi development necessary to obtain Tai Chi's internal strength.
    • Standing meditation postures
    • Martial chi development stances
    • Complete long form performed by Grandmaster Wong
    • Form correction tips
    • Self-defense applications
    • Descriptions of push hands drills.


    Choy Li Fut Kung Fu

    • History of Choy Li Fut
    • Description of the first and second stages of training
    • Photographs of the footwork and stances
    • Photographs of the many fists of Choy Li Fut
    • Weapons
    • Two-person forms
    • Complete wall bag set performed by Grandmaster Wong
    • Complete Five-Wheel Stance form performed by Grandmaster Wong
    • Complete Five-Wheel Fist form performed by Grandmaster Wong
    • List of Choy Li Fut forms


    Shaolin Five Animals Kung Fu

    • History of Shaolin Five Animals
    • Cultural and philosophical background of each animal
    • Stages of training the Five Animal form
    • Complete Five Animal form performed by Grandmaster Wong
    • Applications


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