53 Weapons of Choy Li Fut

Choy Li Fut is well known for its many weapons sets. Having both Northern and Southern Chinese influences gives Choy Li Fut a wide variety of weapons in its arsenal. Originally, there were 40 weapons in the system of Choy Li Fut. After many years of teaching, some past masters added different implements and other weapons into the system. Today, we have 53 weapons in the Plum Blossom International Federation. Virtually every conceivable Kung Fu weapon is taught to students of Choy Li Fut. Along with the many single, double, long, short, bladed, and multi-section weapons Choy Li Fut contains many two and three person weapon vs. weapon and empty-hand vs. weapon sets including the Two-Man Staff Set, Broadsword vs. Spear, Double Broadswords vs. Horse Bench, 3-Section Staff vs. Spear, Spear vs. Kwan Do and Empty Hands vs. Double Daggers.

One weapon that is exclusive to Choy Li Fut is the Nine Dragon trident created by the Founder Chan Heung. This weapon was designed to shred any part of the opponent with which it might come into contact. The many hooks and blades can seize an opponent's weapon and, with one twist, rip it from his hands. The Nine-Dragon trident is known as the "King" of all weapons.

training with multiple weapons helps to make Choy Li Fut students some of the most powerful and well-rounded Chinese Martial Artists in the world.

1.  Single-Ended Staff (Dahn Tau Gwun) 单頭棍
2.  Double-Ended Staff (Seung Tau Gwun) 双頭棍
3.  Two-Section Staff (Dai So Ji Gwun) 大梢子棍
4.  Three-Section Staff (Sam Jit Gwun) 三節棍
5.  Red Tassel Spear (Hung Ying Cheong) 红纓槍
6.  Hook Spear (Ngau Lim Cheung) 鈎亷槍
7.  Snake Tongue Spear (Seh Mau Cheung) 蛇茅槍
8. Double-Ended Spear (Seung Tau Cheung) 双頭槍
9.  Single Broadsword (Dahn Do) 单刀
10.Single Commander’s Saber (Dahn Ji Fai Do) 单指揮刀
11. Double Commander’s Saber (Seung Ji Fai Do) 双指揮刀
12. Ghost Head Broadsword (Gui Tao Dai Do) 鬼頭大刀
13. Horse-chopper Broadsword (Chahn Ma Do) 鏟馬刀
14. Double Broadsword (Seung Yiu Do) 双腰刀
15. Southern Double One Edged Swords (Nam Seung Do) 南双刀
16. Two-Edged Single Straight Sword (Dahn Gim) 单劍
17. Two-Edged Double Swords (Seung Gim) 双劍
18. Double Daggers (Seung Pei Sau) 双匕首
19. Iron Hoe (Tit Chor Tau) 鐡鋤頭
20. Blocking Gate Long Handled Broadsword (Lan Moon Jaai Dai Do) 攔門寨大刀
21. General Kwan’s Long Handle Broadsword (Kwan Do) 関刀
22. General Choy’s Long Handle Broadsword (Choy Yeung Do) 蔡陽刀
23. Nine-Ring Long-Handled Broadsword (Gau Wan Dai Do) 九環大刀
24. Seven Star Long-Handled Knive (Chat Sing Tiu) 七星銚
25. Long Handle trident (Gum Gong Dai Pah) 金剛大耙
26. Long-Handled Halberd (Fong Tien Wak Gik) 方天劃戟
27. Long-Handled Gold Coin Halberd (Gum Chin Gik) 金銭戟
28. Long-Handled Cross Spear (Gum Gong Pang) 金剛棒
29. Golden Bell Style Shovel (Gum Jung Chahn) 金鐘鏟
30. Crescent Moon Style Shovel (Yuet Ngah Chahn) 月牙鏟
31. Golden Coin Style Shovel (Gum Chin Chahn) 金錢鏟
32. Long-Handled Axes (Dai Ban Fu) 大板斧
33. Long-Handled Melon Hammers (Dai Tung Chui) 大銅錘
34. Bodhidhama Spade (Bin Guai Chahn) 扁拐鏟
35. Nine Teeth Rake (Gau Chi Pah) 九齒耙
36. Nine Dragon trident (Gau Lung Dai Chah) 九龍大叉
37. Fan (Sin) 扇
38. Flute (Dung Siu) 洞簫
39. Double Hookswords (Wu Sau Seung Ngau) 護手双鈎
40. Double Axes (Seung Fu) 双斧
41. Double Chain Whips (Seung Yuan Bin) 双軟鞭
42. Double Melon Hammers (Seung Tung Chui) 双銅錘
43. Double Copper Cudgels (Seung Tung Gan) 双銅鐧
44. Tiger's Head Shield (Fu Tau Pah) 虎頭牌
45. Rattan Shield (Tang Pah Dip) 籐牌碟
46. Cane (Quai Jeung) 拐杖
47. Horse Bench (Cheung Kiu Dang) 長橋櫈
48. Three-Sectional Chain Whip (Sam Jit Bin) 三節鞭
49. Nine-Sectional Chain Whip (Gau Jit Bin) 九節鞭
50. Hard metal Whip (Gum Bin) 金鞭 
51. Double Hard metal Whip (Seung Bin) 双鞭
52. Rope Dart  (Fei Tuo) 飛鉈
53. Double Wind and Fire Wheels (Shuang Fung Fuo Lun) 双風火輪