Great-Grandmaster Chan Ngau-Sing

Chan Ngau Sing (aka Chan Kwok Choi), 1864-1926, was born in Gao Yao, Guangdong Province. He was a brass and copper smith by trade. He loved martial arts from his youth. He took lessons in a Hung Kuen school under Master Jau Gum Biu. In 1883, when Chan Ngau Sing was 19 years old, his teacher, Jau Gum Biu, needed to leave Fut San permanently for some personal business, he told Chan Ngau Sing to study Choy Li Fut from Jeong Yim in the Hung Sing Studio in Fut San.

Because Chan Ngau Sing was very intelligent, had a good martial art background, and diligently trained in the Hung Sing Studio, Jeong Yim made him the head instructor of the studio. After Jeong Yim passed away, he became the successor of the Hung Sing Studio in Fut San. After taking over the Hung Sing Studio, he opened branch studios in the Fut San area. He also taught Choy Li Fut to the members of 20 trades of the labor workers' organizations for health and self-defense; because of this the Hung Sing studio in Fut San became more famous than before.

Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's teacher Hu Yuen Chou was a student of Chan Ngau Sing, beginning his studies at the age of nine until he had to go to college in Canton. His teacher Chan Ngau Sing referred him to continue his Choy Li Fut training in Canton from the grandson of the founder Chan Heung, Chan Yiu Chi.

In the Choy Li Fut School in Canton under Chan Yiu Chi's tutelage, there were four outstanding students called the "Four Heavenly Kings". They were Hu Yuen Chou, Gan Ying Git, Gwok Tin Yeung (Ngoi Gong Yeung) and Ha Bek Chi. Hu Yuen Chou is the teacher of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong who continues to pass down the Choy Li Fut of Chan Yiu Chi to his students all over the world.