2011 Banquet

The 2011 Annual Banquet was once again held at the Four Seas Restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown. Grandaster made mportant annoucements and recognition of three new Sifus, a new Dai-SiHing (sifu level instructor) and four students receiving their black sashes. Additionally, two Sifus were recognized for exemplarary and ongoing support of the Federation.

Plum Blossom Annual Banquet 2011

Dai SiHing Terrance Thornton receives certification as Sifu

Sifu Thornton with Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong and Sifu Jason Wong

Sifu Zack Ma with Grandmaster

Sifu Lendich with Simo Hubbard, Grandmaster and Tai-Sifu Hubbard

Kendall Woo receives Dai-SiHing certificate from Grandmaster and Sifu Wong

New black sashes posing with Sifu Lengyel, Grandmaster and Sifu Wong

Black sash oath before Grandmaster, Sifu Lengyel and Sifu Jason Wong (reciting the oath to the candidates)

Sifu Ming Lau of the White Dragon schools receives a special presentation from Grandmaster for "Most Supportive School"

Sifu Lengyel receives a special gift from Grandmaster for her school's support of the tournament


2009 Banquet

The Plum Blossom International Federation Annual Banquet was held on September 12th at the Four Seas Restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown following the Annual tournament. The attendance was well over 400 persons in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Doc-Fai Wong teaching. In attendance were Sifu and Simo Fosano of the Hung Sing Kung Fu Schools in and around Rome, Italy.

Master Alan Hubbard and Simo Lekili Molina of Eastern Ways conducted the opening lion dance ceremonies for the banquet. Following the opening ceremonies, acknowledgements were presented by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong to some of the Plum Blossom member schools. Grandmaster acknowledged and thanked Master Nathan Fisher of the White Dragon Martial Arts Schools and Sifu Evelina Lengyel of the Concord Kung Fu Academy presenting each with a gift for being supportive of the Plum Blossom International Federation. Master Fisher and the seven White Dragon schools for over 25 years of support and Sifu Lengyel for the most supportive single-school. Following that presentation, Sifu Lengyel presented a gift to Grandmaster honoring him for his "Knowledge, Generosity and Guidance" for the 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Two major events and presentations took place this evening.

• The recitation of the black sash oath and presentation to five new black sash students from the Shaolin Martial Arts in Sausalito, Doc-Fai Wong Martial Arts Center in San Francisco and the Concord Kung Fu Academy in Concord.

• The announcement and presentation to two White Dragon sifus, Don Tittle and Dennis Smith, for attaining their Senior black fringes with five gold stripes (5th degree - Senior black fringe), the highest ranking within the Plum Blossom International Federation.

Sifu David Dong and his instructors of the Golden Lion Martial Arts School in Albany, California presented Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong with a gift honoring him for his 40th Anniversary wishing him prosperity, happiness and longevity.


2003 Banquet

The Plum Blossom Federation Annual Banquet was held at The Empress of China Restaurant in Chinatown of San Francisco on November 15, 2003. The banquet started off with the lion dancing ceremony performed by the Eastern Ways Kung Fu. This year the School of the Year award goes to Sifu Alan Hubbard, Eastern Ways Kung Fu School of Sacramento California. The student of the year award of the Doc-Fai Wong Martial Arts Center went to Mr. Shawn Kunkler and the Instructor of the year award was given to Si-Hing Richard Weisinger.
During the Banquet, Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong officially elevated Mr. Alan Hubbard to the rank of sixth generation Sifu of Choy Li Fut and made him an official disciple in a ceremony at the same time.
Sifu David Dong's Golden Lion Martial Arts Center also awarded three students the rank of Black Sash with Sifu Jason Wong performing the Black Sash oath ceremony for them.
The banquet also hosted the best dressing contest for male and female divisions. That evening over 30 prizes were raffled off to the audience and the grand prize was the Lung Chuan Tai Chi Sword.
This year we had 37 tables with 370 people from all the associated schools from the Northern California Area as well as Reno, Nevada.

Awarding the school of the year
Awarding to the Web-master
Banquet hall 11-15-2003
best male dressing contast
Awarding the
School of the Year
Award to Webmaster Banquet Hall Best Male Dresser
big surprise to Gm
discipleship ceremony
EasternWays-school of the year
Gm receiving Gift from Insts.
Big Surprise Discipleship Eastern Ways
School of the Year
Receiving a gift
from the Instructors
Gm thanking to the instructors for the present
Gm's table
Inst.presenting Gifts to Gm and Sifu Wong
Instructor of the year
GM Thanks Instructors GM's table Instructors present gifts Instructor of the Year
lighting candles
lion dancing3
sifu ceremony
Sifu Wong's money sword
Lighting Candles Lion Dancing Sifu Ceremony Sifu Wong's gift
the best male dressing winner
the twins won the grand prize of the raffle
student of the year.jpg
Sifu Dong's New
Black Sash Students
The Best Dressed Male The Twins Win
The Grand Prize
Student of the Year

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