Dong Ying-Jie

Dong Ying-Jie (Tung Ying-Chieh) began his study of Tai Chi when he was a teenager from a teacher whose name was Li. From Li, he learned the Hao style of Tai Chi. Later; he became a student of the famous Yang Cheng Fu . He was taught Yang family Tai Chi, which had been passed down from the Chen family.

Dong Ying-Jie had the reputation of being one of the most competent to pass on Yang family Tai Chi. After the communists took over mainland China, he moved to Hong Kong, where he lived and taught until his death in 1961. During the Japanese occupation he lived in Macao, during this time he painted and wrote a lot, and it was also during this time that he produced his own Tai Chi form. The movements were founded on his experience through many years of study with various masters and his many combat experiences. His form is known as Dong's Fast Tai Chi Form.

Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's teacher Hu Yuen-Chou was a good friend and junior Tai Chi brother of Dong Ying-Jie. Yang Cheng-Fu, before he left Canton, told Hu to continue training with Dong Ying-Jie. Afterward, in Canton, Hu Yuen-Chou was the head instructor of the Dong Ying-Jie's Tai Chi School Branch in the Lai Wan district. During the communist occupation, Hu was the head instructor of the Dong's Tai Chi School in Macao.