Yang Ban-Hou

Yang Ban-Hou (1837-1892) Was the Second child of Yang Lu-Chan and had started training Tai Chi from a very young age. Under the strict and watchful eyes of his father, Yang Ban-Hou would achieve a very high level of skill and be also known as Yang Wu-Di. Although Ban-Hou was of an upright character, he was somewhat short tempered and therefore had very few disciples. Like his father he would accept and defeat all challenges with other martial art masters.

As a young boy, Yang Ban-Hou was exceptionally talented in martial arts with outstanding natural abilities. However, he hated the tough training that was forced upon him by his father, Yang Lu-Chan, and would often run away from home. Each time his father would find him and bring him home.

Although Ban-Hou hated his daily training, his natural abilities helped him, and his martial arts improved very rapidly. In a few short years his martial arts abilities were unequaled. Thus, his name became very well known throughout the China.

Yang Ban-Hou taught the Yang family Tai Chi fighting secrets to his nephews Yang Shou-Hou and Yang Cheng-Fu, sons of Yang Jian-Hou. Yang Cheng Fu is the teacher of our Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's teacher Hu Yuen-Chou.