Great-Grandmaster Chan Cheong-Mo

Chan Cheong Mo (1862 - 1953) was born in the city of Kong Moon (Jiang Men). When he was a child, he studied Choy Li Fut Kung Fu from the system’s founder Chan Heung.  After Chan Heung passed away, Chan Cheong Mo continued his kung fu training from Chan On Pak, Chan Heung’s elderly son. In 1898, Chan On Pak's younger brother Chan Koon Pak established the Hung Sing School in the Wong clan family temple in Kong Moon City and Chan Cheong Mo was assisting Chan Koon Pak in the teaching of Choy Li Fut. After Chan Koon Pak went to Canton in 1906, Cheong Mo was appointed to be the head instructor of the Kong Moon's Hung Sing studio. 
Chan Cheong Mo was very good at the Drunken form when he was young. In his senior years, the White Hair hand form (Bak Mo Kuen) was his demonstration set. As for weapons forms, the Golden Dragon Fan was his favorite demonstration set. His lion dancing skill was excellent. He made a name for himself in the old days by performing lion dancing. He and his school were one of the "Three Great Lion Dancing Kings of Guangdong". The other two were Chan Ngau Sing and his Hung Sing studio in Fut San and Wong Fei Hung and his Po Chi Lum studio in Canton. Chan Cheong Mo's Hung Sing studio was the one with the most lion dancing teams in the parade and he always had the best and most beautiful lion dancing costumes in the city. 
Great-Grandmaster Chan Cheong Mo produced many outstanding students to carry on the teaching of his martial art and his lion dancing skill. Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's teacher Wong Gong is one of them.