Great-Grandmaster Chan Yau Kau

King Mui Village
The Original Temple Where Chan Heung Taught

Chan Yau Kau (1856-1949), was a student of Chan Heung, the founder of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. After Chan Heung's first son Chan On Pak passed away and Chan Koon Pak , the second son of the system's founder went to Kong Moon intending to be a merchant, the only qualified person to teach in the village was Chan Yau Kau. Chan Yau Kau took the position as head instructor of King Mui's Hung Sing School until he retired.

Chan Yau Kau and Chan On Pak were very close friends. During the period when Chan On Pak was the head instructor, Chan Yau Kau was the assistant instructor of the Hung Sing School at the Chan clan family temple of King Mui village until On Pak passed away. His teaching and training methods were identical to those of On Pak. After Chan Yau Kau retired, his first son Chan Yan took over as the head instructor teaching Choy Li Fut in the village's first and original Hung Sing Studio at the Chan clan family temple while the founder's grandson Chan Yiu Chi was teaching in Canton to promote Choy Li Fut and to carry on his father, Chan Koon Pak's banner.

King Mui Village Gate
King Mui Village