Great-Grandmaster Chan Koon-Pak

Chan Koon Pak (1857-1916) was the second son of Chan Heung , founder of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu . After his elderly brother Chan On Pak passed away, he carried on the banner of the system. In the beginning, Chan Koon Pak wanted to become a merchant in the city of Kong Moon (modern day Jiang Men). His friends and family members persuaded him to teach the system of Choy Li Fut founder by his father. Under the constant pressure and encouragement, in 1898 he finally took the position to be the chief instructor of the Hung Sing School of Kong Moon. He produced many out standing students in Kong Moon before he moved to Canton in 1906 (today known as Guangzhou). He appointed his top student Chan Cheong Mo to take over the Hung Sing School in Kong Moon. Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong’s teacher Wong Gong was one of the permanent students of Chan Cheong Mo.

In Canton , many well-known local kung fu masters requested Chan Koon Pak accept them as students. He opened the Choy Li Fut School in Canton. When he decided to retire, his son Chan Yiu Chi continued to teach in Canton.