Federation President Doc-Fai Wong, PhD.
總   監   黄  德  輝   博 士
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*All translations from Chinese into English by Winnie Yu

Positive energy requires a compassionate heart, kind speech, and good actions to produce positive results. The greater the positive energy the greater the benevolent returns. One must learn to align oneself with the wise, walk alongside the kind folks, and understand limitless love and gratitude as practice for fortune and wisdom.




When others speak you listen carefully,
when others knit their eyebrows send them a smile,
when others are confused you maintain your firm belief,
when others rest you continue to study,
when others give up you persist,
and when others fail you may have succeeded.


The biggest value in one's life is learning to adjust one's mentality. Having a kind inner heart, soft, generous, is a virtuous vessel that can hold many things. Also one's countenance is created from the heart, and reality can turn based on one's heart. Kindness nurtured virtue, forbearance fosters fortune, compassion enhances longevity, and generosity aggregates wealth. Therefore changing one's life really depends on one's own positive energy.

还有相由心生,境由心转。 善能育德 ,忍能养福,慈能养寿,宽能聚财 。


If you can lift your head, with a smile on your face, your heart filled with appreciation, then you are truly a fortunate person. Originally most people on earth can achieve this, but they have not done so. You must be the one to accomplish this properly.


When your aura is positive, and your energy level is high, accompanied by good cultivation and integrity, your field of energy is naturally good, you will attract positive things, and your fortune will assuredly rise.


Most people do not like to admit wrong. They like to blame it on someone else. Even if they did wrong they will feel that they were right. Actually not admitting wrong is a huge wrong in itself. If you admitted wrong, not only do you not lose something, it will show how much bandwidth you have. Learning to admit wrong is a virtue, and a great spiritual practice.


Good or bad comes from the heart. During troubled times, recognize that the bad result from karmic actions, and during good times, understand it's the fruit of good actions. If one doesn't practice diligently and do good deals, in future lives there will be more suffering, and even more difficult to be a human being.


A general was on an outing with his son. A beggar came up to them and paid respects, and the general immediately stopped to return the respects, bowing even deeper. His son asked "but he's only a beggar!" The general said, "I will not let a beggar surpass me in politeness. It's not that people pay respects to you because you are excellent; they pay respects because they themselves are excellent. An excellent person will be respectful towards everyone. " Manners and respect are a level of cultivation.

一个将军带着儿子外出,有个要饭的向他敬礼鞠躬,将军马上停步还礼,而且鞠躬弯腰更深。儿子问: "他只是一个要饭的呢!" 将军回答说, "我不会让一个要饭的比我更有礼貌。不是别人尊敬你,是因为你优秀,其实别人尊敬你,是因为别人很优秀,优秀的人对谁都尊敬"。礼貌和尊重是境界和修为。

Temperament is the biggest enemy of the practitioner of positive energy. Practicing positive energy means you have to cultivate not getting angry. Definitely one can not give rise to a heated temper. When facing any malicious situation, turn it to zero. It is said "hot temper destroys a forest of virtue". Everyone please keep it in mind!


A smart person will constantly look forward, a wise person will look to the past. A smart person wants to defeat others, a wise person wants to overcome himself. A practitioner of the heart wants purification, practitioner of the Way (Tao) focuses on abandoning of the self. The past was a reflection of one's past heart, and should not be tightly held in memory. The present's events reflect the present's heart, so let it unfold naturally. The future belongs to the future's heart, so no need to trouble your heart now.


Did you know? Being capable is like being pregnant, after awhile other people are bound to notice. Since ancient times, abusing one's abilities without restriction never end well. No matter how worthy you are, you must maintain humility and carefulness, do your work well. Gold will always eventually shine!

你知道吗? 怀才就象怀孕一样,时间久了就会让人看出来的。自古以来,恃才放肆的人都没有好的下场。就算你最了不起,也一定要保持谦虚谨慎,做好自己的事情,因为金子总会发光的!

Those who are content, can sleep on a hard floor and feel like they are on a high, soft bed. The ones who are not content, would feel as though they are in a toilet even if you place them in a palace. In life the wealth within one's soul is the most important, while those who live by desire for materialism can never feel satiated no matter how much they have, and that is real poverty. On the other hand, even with minimal material possessions, one's spiritual fulfillment can be achieved. As the saying goes, "Knowing how to be content means constant happiness", and that's the real wealth!


Speak carefully, don't run your mouth. "Good words in a sentence can make a deep winter warm, but a single hurtful word can make June cold". It's not beneficial to speak too much. Don't criticize others, only praise people, and naturally people will draw near to you.

说话要小心,不能信口开河,要知 "良言一句三冬暖,伤人一语六月寒"。言多无益,不说他人恶,只会表扬人。自有多人亲近你。

Truly smart people will be fuzzy about small matters but intelligent on important matters. One should be low key like water, use soft to conquer hard. Only those who strive by not fighting will be laughing at the end, being the true winners. Low key individuals can accomplish more, because no matter how accomplished you are, do not show off. Learn to be lowkey, know how to keep your abilities hidden, with true wisdom seeming as ignorant, and you can win your whole life.


One should use one's heart to understand someone else's heart. For example, if you are kind to me I have to be even kinder to you. If one was a beneficiary of kindness one must remember it for a thousand years. As the saying goes, "receiving flowers there is fragrance for a million years." However, if you benefit others, do not expect any return!


Upon rising in the morning, say to yourself "today will be the best day". No matter what happened yesterday, it is past and can not be changed. Don't let yesterday's unhappiness affect your happiness today. No matter how difficult or busy today may be, don't complain, don't let it affect your good mood today. You must happily live today.


If you plan to get married, I'll tell you an important advice: you must be patient with and tolerate your spouse's shortcomings. There is no such thing as a completely perfect and happy marriage, happiness comes from infinite tolerance and respect.

要是你准备结婚的话,我告诉你一句很重要的名言 "你一定要忍耐和包容对方的缺点,世界上没有绝对幸福圆满的婚姻,幸福只是来自于无限的容忍和尊重"。

The more outstanding you are, the more there will be people who hate you. The more you are doing well, there will be more and more people who will despise you. That's because your improvements show up other's deficiencies. So as you become more and more proficient, more and more gossip might surround you. Do not condescend and stoop down to meet their level, but keep moving forward with all your might. Once you have reached the pinnacle of success, you will find that behind those who criticize you, there are even more people who like you. Because those who admire you are often silent.


Our lives are like a glass of water, put salt in and it becomes salty, put sugar in and it becomes sweet. In truth, a life's sorrow and happiness all come from the inner heart. If the heart is bitter, your life will be like hell on earth. If the heart is sweet, your life will be like heaven on earth. If you can cultivate a positive heart, you will forever be a joyful happy person.


When there are many people around, mind your tongue. The more you say the more likely you might say something wrong, and naturally there will be more gossip as well. When there are few people around, control your mind. The more delusions, the more pain. Not managing those two above will invite vexations for yourself. Learning to manage those two are already a form of practice.


"Putting down" and "Giving up" are fundamentally different. "Putting down" refers to when a person seeks to grow; "Giving up" means running away. "Putting down" is when you see that you are above a situation. "Giving up" is when you can not let go, and then just abdicating at the end. Wise ones know to let go and put down, the stupid and ignorant only know to give up.


Even a jar of very clear water containing sand, if you continuously shake it, it will become unclear. However, even a very muddled jar of water, if you let it sit still for some time, it will settle into a clear jar of water. Our minds are that way. If you don't spend the time to settle it, and constantly shake and move it, it will stay a muddled mind. Quiet your mind, and from the quietness, wisdom will emerge!


Rather than get angry, get competitive. Rather than blowing your top, blow up your ambition. In life one will encounter all kinds of negative energies: unfocused, repressed, blaming, angry, arrogant, hopeless, gambling, petty, cowardly energies. If you swallow these kinds of attitudes you will get heartburn. If you ignore them they will disappear. But in its stead, if we use ambitious, courageous, positive, harmonious, grand, lucky, and fortunate energies to dissipate and replace those negative energies, transform anger into ambition, we will be rewarded with a satisfying life!


Manifesting one's compassionate heart is the best way to dissipate hatred, and remove pain. If you feel that someone is bad, and wish to hurt that person, that person will know, since our hearts can resonate with each other. If you have good feelings, you will get good resonance. If you have bad feelings, you will have equally negative resonance. That's why you must manifest a compassionate heart to face everyone and every sentient being, which can dispel all misfortune and suffering. Having a compassionate heart is universal love, and can change fates.


Success means choosing the right direction and taking hold of opportunities. Doing the correct thing at the correct time, plus effort, means success. Finding the right spouse means a lifelong of fortune, finding the right partner means a lifelong of happiness, finding the right teacher means a lifelong of wisdom, finding the right career means lifelong success! Finding the right platform means a lifelong radiance! Choice is even more important than effort! Vision is more important than ability.


Benevolence is positive energy, malevolence is negative energy. how does one practice increasing positive energy? there are three simple methods: think positive, speak positive, do positive. To reduce negative energy: abandon all unwholesome thoughts, not speak ill of others behind their backs, avoid any actions which harm others either spiritually or physically. it doesn't mean that you can accomplish this right away, it will take some time to practice. if you wish to have good luck, then start your practice right away!


The natural world is very interesting, cats like to eat fish but can not swim in the water, fish like to eat earthworms but can not go on land. Life is like that, sometimes you possess it and sometimes you lose it. Sometimes while you are busy choosing, you lose something else. Life can not always be satisfying, nor everything always going your way. Therefore, do not be petty with others as that is not worthwhile. Do not give yourself a hard time as you can't afford to be hurt. Do not hold on to the past as that is meaningless. Don't nitpick reality either as you must still live on! In this world, nothing is really yours, and only health can belong to you.

上天很有意思,猫喜欢吃鱼,猫却不能下水,鱼喜欢吃蚯蚓,鱼却不能上岸。人生就是一边拥有,一边失去; 一边选择一边放弃。人生哪有事事如意,生活哪有样样顺心。所以不和别人计较,因为不值得,不和自己计较,因为伤不起,不和往事计较,因为没意义,不和现实计较,因为还要继续! 在这个世界上,什么都不是你的,唯有健康的身体是属于自己的。

When you are standing on a high place, those who recognize you will acknowledge you. When you have fallen off, you will know who your friends are. Some will consider you a treasure, and others may see you as a blade of grass. As long as you know yourself what you are worth, you will be worth that much more!

你站立在高处的时候,认识你的人就会知道你是谁;在你坠落的时候,你就会知道你的朋友是谁。有些人当你是宝,也有些人当你是草 。只要你知道自己的价值,你的价值就有几多了!

How you treat others may not be how others treat you. Your honest straightforward approach may not be reciprocated. You might keep your promises, but others may not. You might treat others kindly but it doesn't mean others will treat you kindly. Once you have clearly understood this you will neither be vexed nor angry anymore.


People must help each other to feel warmth. Effort must be applied at tasks together in order to feel their simplicity. The road must be travelled together in order for it not to feel long. Friends must mutually think of each other to deepen their bonds. When you can use all your strength to help others accomplish their goals, you have inadvertently accomplished your own.


One must learn to be humorous. When others are joking around, do not be offended, but learn to self-mock to remove their mocking. When you are joking around, be sure to stay on the positive. Don't let the other person feel embarrassed or angered. To be an old rascal, this is a way to stay young at heart!


Those who do good deeds are like the grass in a garden, though we don't seem to see them grow, they are actually increasing height daily. Those who do evil deeds are like the whetstone, you may not see it grind down, but as days go by it will wear out. The saying goes "there may not be a door in front of fortune or misfortune, but it is always in the heart". When you do an evil deed, while others may not know, you yourself always knows. When you do a good deed, others may not know to praise you, but you have reached peace in your heart.


One must accomplish being respected and not feared. Be trustworthy to friends, filial to parents, respectful to teachers and elders. Stand on a higher ground without others feeling the difference in height, and it will win the discerning eye of others. This is the breadth that a successful person possesses.


One day you will understand, kindness is harder to achieve than intelligence. Intelligence is god-given while kindness is a choice. Kindness is the source of positive energy, a successful person's requisite path of cultivation.


Those who do not want to take action will always find excuses, while those who want to accomplish something will always find a way to do it. When you can accomplish something complex with simplicity, you are a specialist. Simple matters that you do repetitively makes you an expert. Repetitive tasks you do with attention makes you a winner. Your sense of responsibility will be the guiding post of your success, while your personality determines the fate of your life.


When you have completed a benevolent deed, even if you have not received any meritorious return, your misfortunes have already far departed. When you have done an evil deed, even if no retributions have occurred, your merit has long departed. That is called "even if no one sees you accumulating merit, your kind actions were always known by the heavens".


A good attitude means good luck! Only with a reasonably good attitude can you maintain a full and satisfied mood. Once your attitude is positive, your luck will also turn for the better. Become energetic, and fortune will follow on its heels. If only you can learn to adjust your attitude, with positivity your work will gain direction. One who does not lose one's direction will definitely succeed.

心态好,运气就会好!只要有良好的心态,你才能每天保持饱满的心情。心态好,运气就好。精神打起来,好运自然来。只要学会调整心态, 有良好的心态工作就会有方向,人只要不失去方向就会成功。

A person must learn to tolerate being fooled, withstand being lied to, live through perfunctoriness.  Please understand that persistence may not lead to success, giving up may not mean losing. Rather than flashily smash against the wall, why not elegantly turn a corner? Give yourself the space to make a turnaround. Success means learning to contemplate, wait, and make adjustments.


If you wish not to lag behind in action, then keep company with those who are proactive.
If you wish to become mentally agile, keep company with intelligent people.
If you wish not to be confused by situations, hang out with people with wisdom.
If you want to smile often, be with happy people.
If you wish not to have darkness in your heart, stay with sunny people.


Work with rigor, play with limitations; in treating friends, do not use manipulations; in handling  work, do not get agitated or angry; be discerning with lifestyle, and manage your inflow and outflow; be content and you'll always be happy, and fortune is bestowed upon your whole life.


Happiness means knowing contentment, joy comes from helping others, accumulating merit requires doing good, for longevity one must abstain from killing, meditation opens your wisdom, and reciting the Buddha's name dissipates vexations.

First, cultivate yourself well, nourish positive thinking. Settle yourself, contemplate often, learn constantly. It's alright if you do not achieve pacification of your clan, governing your country, bringing peace to the world etc., but do not ever give up on your inner being. Expand your horizons, jump as high as you can, go as far as you are able.


Being fortunate is not driving the most luxurious  car, but driving a car safely home. Fortune is not how much money saved up, but a daily life of freedom in heart and mind, doing what you like to do. Fortune is not how much you have accomplished, but rather, everywhere you go, people praise that you are a good person!

幸福不是你开多豪华的车,而是你开着车平安到家;  幸福不是你存了多少钱,而是天天身心自由,做自已喜欢的事;幸福不是你有多少成就,而是无论走到哪里,人们都说你是个好人。

A person should strive to be authentic, being a good person leads to good fortune. One's actions should be sound in order for one's steps to be solid! One who follows one's fate is a commoner, one who determines one's own life is a strong person. One without personal views follows others blindly, while one who contemplates carefully is a wise person. Wealth is a temporary friend, while friends are an eternal wealth. Prestige is temporary, while one's integrity is the eternal foundation. Education is knowledge for a short duration, while continuous learning is the eternal wisdom!


One must accomplish being respected and not feared. Be trustworthy to friends, filial to parents, respectful to teachers and elders. Stand on a higher ground without others feeling the difference in height, and it will win the discerning eye of others. This is the breadth that a successful person possesses.


You should appreciate those who inform you of your shortcomings, as those are the only ones who treat you the best. Do not lie, because with one lie you must fabricate 10 lies to cover up, so why agonize thus? Vengeance will not dissipate hatred, only forgiveness can. Don't often feel like you are so unfortunate, because in reality there are many more people who are less fortunate and suffer much more than you!


The successful person is neither the smartest nor the dumbest, but one is always learning, will succeed.  The successful person is not one who works the fastest, nor the slowest, but the one who holds the most confidence. The successful person is not the one who is the strongest, nor the weakest, but the most persistent one succeeds. The successful person is not the most beautiful nor ugly, but the one who understands how to cooperate with others, succeeds. Learning plus confidence plus persistence plus cooperation equals success!


In an ordinary life, the two greatest tragedies are often: not being able to obtain what you want, and receiving what you don't want. Being able to obtain something does not necessarily spell fortune, but don't be disappointed if you did not obtain it either as there is always hope. The earth is in constant motion, no one will forever stay in a bad spot. As long as you do not give up on your dreams, eventually you will reach your goals. If your friends tell you you are insane, then it must mean you are not far from success!


People with wisdom will control their hearts when they are alone, and control their mouths when they are with others. When one is with others, it is an opportunity to learn from others with humility. When one is alone, it is a good opportunity to reflect on yourself.


Mankind would rush to grow, and then subsequently bemoan the loss of childhood. They exchange their health for money, and then try to use money to restore their health. They are very anxious about their future, but neglect their present happiness. Consequently, they don't live in the now, nor do they live in the future. They live as if they will never die, but felt as though they have never lived when they are at their deathbed. Please treasure this very minute!


If you can accept those whose views differ from yours, your days will flow more easily. If you keep wanting to change them, it will be very painful for you. It is more correct to learn to accept and embrace them. That is the perspective of a successful person.


When you are right, you don't need to say anything. When you are in the wrong, then whatever you say will not matter! Someone once said: "if you are on the correct side, there is no need to lose your temper. If you are on the wrong side, you have no right to lose your temper". This is true wisdom.

当你是对的时候,你并不需要说什么;在你理亏的时候,不论你说什么也没用!有人说过:“如果你是对的一方,你没必要发脾气;如果你是错的那一方,你没资格去发脾气” 。这才是真正的智慧。

In a person's road to success, there are many curves, alleys, dangerous roads, hidden ways- only those who are determined without stopping their progression can reach the successful destination. Without a clear mind, however fast a footstep, you will still go to a detour. Without a careful process, you will fall on even very level ground. To leave behind the evidence of your life, you must place one footprint at a time. To minimize detours, think carefully before proceeding.


Life is about accumulation, particularly in the area of knowledge. Even if you are aging, you have to maintain motivation and a hardworking learning attitude and habit. For example at the end of every subject or event, immediately analyze the situation, the experience, and derive at some conclusions and share those. To become a successful person, learn to habitually make conclusive analysis.


The cultivation of "Abstaining from all evil, abiding by all benevolence"- that is the true practice of positive energy.


Following a fly means you'll find a bathroom, following a bee you'll get to flowers. Following a wealthy man you might earn millions, but following a beggar you might just learn to get alms! Walk with a wise man and you will be at a different level, befriend a superior person and you can get to the top. In real life, who you are with is really important, as crucial as possibly change the course of your life, determining its success or failure!


In your life, how many people you can respect, will be how many people respecting you. How many you trust, is how many will trust you. How many you help succeed, will help you succeed in the future.


Your latter life physiognomy is based on the condition of your heart. If you cultivate benevolence daily, cultivate compassion, your countenance will improve constantly. If you do ill deeds everyday, your countenance will look worse and worse. Those who practice positive energy will particular improve fast, as he understands the method and philosophy- his or her countenance will change to be more and more stately , more and more beautiful.


One must remember the virtues of others in order to cultivate one's own humility. There is no such thing as a perfect person, so being forgiving of others is being forgiving of oneself. To treat others kindly is actually to treat yourself kindly. Those who remember the benevolence of someone who gave even one drop of water, will be someone who is able to emulate the sages. Such a person can learn from others' strengths with humility, and improve one's own value. This will increase one's attractiveness and popularity, and gradually, amassed great spiritual wealth!


The greatest pain in one's life is to not have a sense of spiritual belonging, whether you are aware of it or not, admit it or not. If one's heart is full of beauty, then there is nothing to be vexed about. If one's heart is full of goodness, then there is no one to hate. If the heart is of simplicity, then all the conflicts in the world become empty. When one is a good person, the body is straightforward, the heart is at peace, and the spirit rests in safe dreams. Doing benevolent deeds, the heaven are aware, the earth testifies, and gods and demons alike offer their respect.


Our heart is like an umbrella. When it is open, there is warmth and sunlight. When you close it, you are filled with frustration and sadness. It is not always smooth sailing in our everyday lives, but the umbrella of our soul is intertwined with our fate. Happily embrace the joy of the opened umbrella, close up the umbrella of painfulness. Real life is like that. Once your perception is open, however open your heart, is how open your umbrella. The fact that one can lift open, and also close and put away, is the greatest happiness in life.


Benevolence, is positive energy。Maleficence, is negative energy. Benevolent deeds can accumulate good fortune. Doing maleficent acts will cause bad return. Kind hearted people will have good luck, while those with evil intent often meet misfortune. What is benevolence? Thinking with good intentions, doing good deeds, saying good things. What is maleficence? Crooked thoughts, crooked actions, unwholesome words. What is positive energy? Openhearted-ness, happiness, joy, cheerfulness. What is negative energy? Anger, sadness, envy, vindictiveness. If you desire good fortune, you must practice a kind heart; to succeed you must learn positive energy.


In the life of a person, no one can truly help you but yourself. Like an egg, for example. If broken from the outside, it is food. If it breaks free from within, a life is born. Human life is also thus. If broken from the outside, it is from pressure. If broken free from within, it is growth. If you wait for someone to break you from the outside, then you have set yourself up to be some one else's food. If you can allow yourself to break through from the inside, then you'll find that your personal growth experiences what is like a resurrection of your life.


In terms of how to treat people near you, such as friends, and others around you, always treat them with kindness. The heart is made of flesh, after some time emotional attachment grows. Do not force some one to a dry well, into a mountain valley. One should understand that fengshui is always taking turns, so always leave room for someone to exit, which is also leaving room for yourself. Learning this principle means success is not too far from you.


 If you feel that you are capable, then you are capable. Other people thinking you are capable does not necessarily affirm it. Success is created by self evaluation. The mother of success is failure. The more failures, the more wealth. You must always think of what you got, rather than what you lost. Only think and act in the direction of the positive. This way you will achieve success for your goals.


"Better die in the vast ocean than live in a little pond'- it means that ambitious men should go out and explore the world, there is no growth opportunity staying in a little village. In a big metropolitan city the risk is great but the chances of earning big money is also great. In a village, although life is stable, one lives in relative poverty. For the sake of supporting family and earning a living, one needs to take some risk. Once the fortune is earned, return home and settle down. A good man should be able to expand or contract appropriately, as long as one is not too greedy, one will have a good life.

"宁愿死在大海里,总比活在小池塘"。 意思是说有志气的男儿应该往外创创世界,留在小村庄里是没有出息的。 在大都市虽然风险大,但赚钱的机会也大。在村庄里虽然稳定,但过着的是贫苦日子。为了要养家糊口是应该冒些风险。一旦赚了钱就要归家安定下来。一个好男儿是能屈能伸的,不要过贪就会有好日子过。

Understand that while wealth is ever flowing, but your heart and horizon are the sources of wealth. How large your heart is, is how great your accomplishments will be, and how far your horizon is, is how much wealth you can amass.


Everyone likes to gossip, everyone likes to discuss others' behind their backs. Try not to talk about others' shortcomings in idle talk, and contemplate your own mistakes in silence.

谁人面前无是非,谁人背后不说人, 闲谈莫论他人非,静坐常思己过失。

Learning from the successful pathways of top notch individuals allows us to minimize twists and turns. Associating with successful individuals can expand our human resources. With willpower to fight for what we want, even greater obstacles will not deter us. Once you lose your willpower, often you end up with no accomplishments.


If you wish to lead an indulgent life, then you have to first learn to establish limits, self regulation, and self control. Learn to regulate oneself, from such habits as staying up late, so one may rise early in the morning, controlling appetite so to lose weight, all the way to controlling resentment, jealousy, attachment to success or failure- and other kinds of inexplicable delusions. Only then will happiness emerge.


For a human being on earth, success or failure happens within the gap between acquiring or foregoing. One must forego something to make room for acquisition. WIthout allowing room by giving something up, there is no space to acquire. Willing to make room for forgiveness, one can acquire happiness. Willing to stick through thick and thin, one can find love. Willing to put down attachments, can one become unfettered. Let go and smile, harmony is created. Forego material goods, and your spiritual life becomes rich. Leave behind pettiness, and friends will gather. Foresake stubborness, and life becomes light and stress-free.

人生在世,功败垂成,皆在取舍之间,有舍才有得,不舍则不得。 舍得宽容,才有幸福;舍得相守,才有爱情;舍得放下,才有洒脱;舍得微笑,才有和谐。 舍得物质,精神才能充盈;舍得计较,朋友才会聚合;舍得执着,生活才会轻松。

In life the greatest cultivation is in 'inclusive tolerance'. Inclusive tolerance is not weakness, and also not acquiescence. It is manifested in noticing others' difficulties, overlooking others' weaknesses, pronouncing others' accomplishments, forgiving one's faults. If your heart is accepting, it is always springtime. If you wish to be petty, there is no person or situation that can satisfy you. Only through enlarging your heart and horizon, practice inclusive acceptance, can your inner being be at ease.

人生最大的修养是包容,包容不是懦弱,也不是忍让,它是察人之难,补人之短,扬人之长,谅人之过。 心若包容,时时都是春天。

Rather than read a thousand books, better to have travelled a thousand kilometers. Rather than travel a thousand kilometers, it's better to have met myriads of people. But even better than having met a thousand people, it's better to get pointers from an excellent teacher. Everything is a result of action, not words. One's actions will serve to convince more than one's words. There is nothing one can not accomplish in the world, only people who can not accomplish anything.

读万卷书,不如行万里路,行万里路不如阅人无数,阅人无数不如有明师指点。 任何事都是做出来的不是说出来的。 行动比语言更能取信于人。 世上没有做不成的事,只有做不成事的人

People who are doers are always searching for ways to succeed, those who are slackers are forever looking for excuses. In this world there is no obstructed pathway, there are only people with obstructed thoughts. Success does not come from speed, but from methodology. If you go forth with a goal, then come back with results!

要干的人永远在找方法,不想干的人永远在找理由;世界上没有走不通的路,只有想不通的人。成功不是因为快,而是因为有方法。 带着目标出去,就要带着结果回来。

Whether things are going smoothly or not in one's life, it is all like passing clouds and smoke. As long as your mood is good, everything is good. No matter what difficulties you might face, dress up to be bright and beautiful before you leave home each day, raise your head and lift your chest, and face life with a smile! As long as you can truly prop yourself up, no one can repress you down. The strength of your heart is true strength.


Without seeking comparison to others, one should reach to surpass oneself instead. Rather than wasting tears on what brought on today, why not use sweat to struggle towards tomorrow? Choose what you love, and love what you have chosen. Not giving up this very second means there is hope in the next second. No one will accompany you your entire life, so learn to adapt to being solo. No one will help you your entire life, so learn to strive your whole life!


It is not that you do more that it means you are applying effort. You should spend the time on the most important things. The biggest losses of time comes from procrastination, expectation, and reliance in the future. The biggest success in life is being able to accomplish the most goals in the shortest time. The wealthy like time, the poor like money. That's because time can never be regained back, but one can spend through thousands of gold and can still re-accumulate.


You can not change the weather but you can change your mood. You can not predict tomorrow but you can take charge of today. You can not choose your looks but can express your smile. You can not control others, but you can control yourself. You can not change the past, but can change the present. You can not change reality, but you can change your attitude. To be an unsurpassed happy person, is more important than anything else.


When others do not yet understand but you already understand, when others reach understanding you are already taking action, when others are taking action you have already succeeded, when others succeed you have already become wealthy- that is a sign of extraordinary thought process, and having forethought!


When you are happy, remind yourself this happiness is not permanent. When you are sad, you must also remind yourself the sadness is not permanent. Not being attached means being happy. Do not have intent to hurt others, but always be wary of others intending to hurt you. There are still petty people in the world! Stay away from petty people, draw near those with kind hearts.


Success will not come to us, we must walk towards victory. Wisdom won't just drop in on us, we must rigorously contemplate. Happiness will not just appear, we must use our hearts to experience it.


A person should learn to be able to distinguish, and not make friends based on wealth or poverty. Even if he has billions of dollars in assets, that has not a cent of difference to you, so don't make yourself a tail wagging dog. On the other hand, perhaps he has nothing, but when you are hungry, share his only piece of bread with you.


People who do not waste time do not complain that they have inadequate time. They never delay in their actions. They set time limits while disciplining themselves to accomplish things into reality. Priorities have to be clear: what can be done must be done immediately, tasks which need to wait have to be recorded, what needs to be retained should be filed away immediately, and things that can not be accomplished discard first. Action immediately, record promptly, spare and save daily, improve expediently. That is the behavior of a successful person.


One must remember the virtues of others in order to cultivate one's own humility. There is no such thing as a perfect person, so being forgiving of others is being forgiving of oneself. To treat others kindly is actually to treat yourself kindly. Those who remember the benevolence of someone who gave even one drop of water, will be someone who is able to emulate the sages. Such a person can learn from others' strengths with humility, and improve one's own value. This will increase one's attractiveness and popularity, and gradually, amassed great spiritual wealth!


A good person can be defined as someone who doesn't have time to do bad things. If you view someone with disparagement, then it is due to a lack of cultivation yourself. If you wish to succeed, you must first learn to change your mentality, condition, and shape. The path to success requires the ability to contemplate, plus ability to action upon, and ability to express.


One must treat others kindly in the path of life, and must also treat yourself kindly. Treating others kindly will allow one to travel even farther in life, while treating yourself kindly allows your life to be nourishing. Even simply act with more approachability, or a warmer attitude, are ways of treating others kindly.


A truly charitable person does not act out of desire for merit. Those who desire merit for their actions are not truly charitable. The root of happiness comes from helping others, but those who truly want to help others are not doing so to seek happiness. Compassion is the greater love, and greater love requires forgiving others. In forgiving others, you have let go of vexations, and freeing from vexations produces happiness. Happiness is truly obtaining merit.



Inspirational Quotes from Abbot Hsuan Hua

Master Hsuan Hua: Always try not to produce vexation, and doubt. 'Always regulate oneself and minimize regulating others'. Always control yourself, don't try to control others. 'Admit more wrongdoing, don't argue so much'. Always admit your own mistakes, don't twist and argue. 'From calmness and purity, wisdom grows'. If you can achieve these you will be very safe, and be able to sprout forth wisdom.


There is no need to learn a lot of Buddha Dharma- simply learning to not get angry, not having a temper, that is already Buddha Dharma. The saying goes 'everything can pass, if the temper can dissolve, and one can truly not get angry, then one has a priceless treasure. Never blame others, everything can be perceived positively, and vexations will never rise again. Where can bad karma be found then?' - Abbot Hsuan Hua

学佛法不用学多,学得能不生气、没有脾气,那就是佛法。所以说 “事事都好去,脾气能化了,真能不生气,就得无价宝,再要不怨人,事事都能好,烦恼永不生,冤孽从那找?” 《宣化上人》

Abbot Hsuan Hua said: 'when we experience suffering we are ending the suffering, but when we enjoy our fortunes we are also using up our fortunes. If we can understand this very realistic, very simple level, then we can understand Buddha Dharma. Don't look for it in a faraway land nor a lofty place, it is present in the everyday reality you face. If you can transform this phenomenon, then this phenomenon is not moving you. Else when reality strikes, you will have no idea how to face it. If you can maintain immovability in all conditions, and constant clarity in all ends, then you understand Buddha Dharma.'