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Grandmaster's Answers


I read your answers of the Kung Fu forum. Thank you for taking your valuable time to address questions that I don't feel you need to answer. It's unfortunate that there are idiots in the martial arts world that spend more time reading books, magazines and websites than they do engaged in their own practice. Those of us that are lucky enough to have you as our teacher know that you put in the daily energy, practice and effort to improve our arts, and for those that don't even know you or have worked with you who question the system and your integrity, are obviously jealous of the Plum Blossom Federation you have built and the respect you have earned internationaly and in the US. There is a big difference between the practicing master and a figure head master, I have had extensive experience with both and can truly appreciate you as a person, teacher and martial artist. I would love to write an article for Inside Kung Fu on this subject sometime. Thank you again for your knowledge, history and giving.



Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 13:08:31 EDT

Hi Grandmaster, I recently read your article defending yourself. I think you have nothing to worry about. I just want to let you know you are a great teacher and leader. I wanted very much to be a sifu in your organization and represent you. I think whoever that is "bad mouthing" you is jealous. It is too obvious that you have more knowledge and training. I've read other CLF masters' books and websites. I think they are very good also, but you are the best. The mechanics and use of the body you teach are great. Just look at all the wonderful students you have produced! Plus all the wonderful students they produced! I won the gold medal in forms at your tournament in 2000. It's because of the teaching from your seminars!

I know you made your videos for your students to learn, not for profit. That's why you filmed them in slow motion so they could follow it. You are always careful to add details and explain your lineage at the beginning. People from other organizations couldn't possibly understand this. Nowadays, everybody wants to do their kung fu like wushu and don't understand why you do your forms slowly. People in your organization all understand this. Your associate schools are very loyal to you and they will help. I've known you since you 1997 and I never heard you claim you were the highest-ranking CLF master in the world. Many of the other CLF sifus in other organizations have no lineage. Believe me, my friend Stanley and I used to check up on other sifu's and we both agreed you were the most legitimate, caring and honest.

Thuan Du

San Diego


Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 19:03:34 EDT

Cheers to you sir. Solid truths for them to wrap their mouths around. I'ts just unfortunate you had to write the response at all. Enjoy your days.

Christopher Schmidt


Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 06:13:11 EDT

I just read your letter posted on the Kung Fu forum and I'd like to commend you. It was very clear and direct. It is a shame that a man like yourself can be discredited by armchair martial artists.

I myself have been requested by my master to refrain from posting there until he deems myself fit to welcome all challengers. To many people making outrageous claims and discrediting true skill while promoting chicanery.

I just wanted to wish you well sir. Your good name is noble, and your words do your teachers and family proud.


Ray Pina


Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 09:43:58 EDT

I am an older man and a former student of Sean Kyle in San Diego. I have also met and conversed with you at a tournament in San Diego. I have read your article of defense and strongly feel that you have no cause to defend anything. Welcome to America where liars flourish and titles are taken for free. Do not get into the gutter with the false accusers. You are a good man and to good to crawl with them. I believe that most people in martial arts are title and belt happy and do not understand that it is only ranking and that true martial arts is within ones self. I currently have three students and others interested who asked for Tai Chi training. I have no rewards for them except what they gain for themselves. I have my critics here that say I should not be doing this. I am not a master, just a man. That is how it once was, that is how it should be.

Mr. Tony Erickson