Do Not Misuse the Tai-Sifu Title

Gm Doc-Fai Wong

Sifu or Shifu is the official title for Kung Fu teachers nowadays outside of China. Tai-Sifu is the title that I created for those instructors who have students in the Sifu level so their students can call him or her Tai-Sifu. It is not appropriate for both his students and their down-line students to call him/her Sifu. This is a special title only used within the system's family. It is not for public use. In public, you can use Sifu only. When you have the title of Tai-Sifu, that is only for your second generation or further down generation students to address you. Your direct students should still call you Sifu. It is a family generation level title and not a ranking title that signifies you are higher ranking.

The next ranking title after Sifu is Master. In order to qualify to be a Master in the Plum Blossom International Federation, you must be at the black fringe level with five gold stripes and also you have to have two students promoted to Sifu-level. If you have two students promoted to be Sifus, but you are not at the black fringe level with five gold stripes, you cannot be promoted to Master.

As far as the title of Tai-Sifu, you cannot put that on your business card or any public documents. Sifu is the title for the public that you should use.

Gm Doc-Fai Wong





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