Yang Jian-Hou

Yang Jian-Hou (1839-1917), also known as Jing Pu, was Yang Lu-Chan's third son. Jian-Hou possessed a highly developed martial art skill and was agile in his Tai Chi form. His Tai Chi Chuan was a harmonious blend of hard and soft. He was especially talented at issuing internal energy. He also had a profound knowledge of the Tai Chi straight sword, saber, and spear.

Jian-Hou's eye-body coordination was superb and his movements were very fast. He was once among a crowd of spectators in an opera theater in Beijing, watching an actor perform with a sword. The actor suddenly lost control of the weapon and it flew out of his hands in Yang Jian-Hou's direction. So quick was Jian-Hou's reaction that he not only managed to ward off the sword, but also caused it to be flung back onto the stage.

His character was very warm-hearted. Whenever Yang Jian-Hou competed and trained with others, he never looked light-heartedly upon anyone; therefore, he too was never defeated. Unlike his elder brother, Ban-Hou , he was loved and respected by his many students because he was a gentle and patient teacher.

Yang Jian-Hou had three sons Yang Sau-Hou, Yang Zou-Yuan and Yang Cheng-Fu .