Yang Lu-Chan
Founder of Yang Tai Chi

Yang Lu-Chan (1799-1872) also know as Yang Fu-Kui was born in Nan Guan of Yong Nian County in Hebei province. He was from a farming family and worked in the local grocery store during his break after harvesting. In his youth he had learned Shaolin Kung Fu and was always interested in martial arts and when an opportunity arose for him to learn martial art from a master in the Chen Jia Gou village call Chen Chang Xing, (who had learned Tai Chi from Jiang Fa) he proceeded to seek the master out. After years of training, Yang Lu Chan was accepted as disciple given the full transmission of the system. Yang Lu Chan spent 18 years to finish his study of this soft style of martial art from Chen Chang Xing.

After leaving the Chen Jia Gou village, Yang Lu Chan went to Beijing and began to perfect his Tai Chi Chuan skills. After years of continuous training and self-research, he achieved a high level of martial art skill that allowed him to defeat all challenges from masters of other kung fu styles throughout China and became known as Yang Wu Di (Yang the Invincible).

Yang Lu-Chan had two sons, Ban-Hou and Jian-Hou. Eventually his sons helped him to train his grandson Yang Cheng-Fu to be the greatest Tai Chi Chuan teacher in China.