The Amazing Focus of Doc-Fai Wong

by Mark Horton
Hong Ying International Association

Most recently , whilst we were attending the World Championships in Zhengzhou, China, my wife Dewi injured her back quite badly during practise. Even though the schedule was incredibly busy Grandmaster found some time in which he could help her with some very complex Acupuncture. This happened in one of the hotel rooms and , to my
surprise , despite being tired from a very hectic weel in China , he was so focused in his mind that my amazing teacher gave me a detailed and complicated discussion about the four advanced levels of energy (GING) in Choy Li Fut practise at the same time that he inserted 11 needles into points of my wife's back and neck ! Not once did he
falter or make a pause or a mistake and , needless to say, my understanding of "Ging" was greatly increased and my wife's' back was totally cured !

Sifu Mark Horton , Hong Ying Association of Holland

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