Impressive Qi

by Brian Kuttel
Instructor of the San Francisco Studio
San Francisco, CA  USA

One of my most memorable experiences with Grandmaster took place in 2008. It was late spring which meant it was already quite hot in Sacramento, yet it had little effect on an exceptional weekend of training and seminars with the Eastern Ways Schools. I was looking forward to getting back to the cooler temperatures of San Francisco as we loaded up the car of Dai Sihing Richard Wong.

Grandmaster was having a lengthy conversation with Tai Sifu Alan Hubbard, so rather than sit around, Richard and I decided to practice our newest gim set one more time before hitting the road. Upon finishing the set, we looked over at Grandmaster just in time to see him, in slacks and a nice collared shirt mind you, drop down and pound out 60 push ups without effort. When he stood up, he was not even breathing hard and got right back into conversation. Awestruck, I asked what was the meaning of such a display.

Grandmaster explained that internal qi could be used in conjunction with external qi to make even the most physical of actions effortless, and the only reason he stopped at 60 pushups was because it was at that point that he would have to use more muscle and effort. He further mentioned that at the current age of 60, he had not done push ups in over 10 years. Needless to say, the point was well taken and we were all very impressed.

We then said our goodbyes to the Hubbards, loaded up and began driving back to San Francisco. As Grandmaster and Richard Wong talked, I spent the drive in the back seat meditating on what Grandmaster had said and working on improving my internal qi!

Brian Kuttel

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